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Riverside Refractories Headquarters

Pell City, Alabama

Riverside Refractories, Inc. headquarters is located in Pell City, Alabama, along with our manufacturing plant and research and development facility.

Riverside Refractories - Canada

Nanticoke, Ontario

Riverside Refractories Canadian manufacturing facility and satellite sales office is located in Nanticoke Ontario. This facility provides us the opportunity to service the Canadian markets.

Riverside Refractories - Research

Pell City, Alabama

Our fully equipped R&D facility is located on-site, in Pell City Alabama, with our manufacturing plant to provide full time quality control and product development.

Riverside Refractories Sales Office - Midwest

Griffith, Indiana

Our main sales office is located in Griffith, Indiana. This location provides sales and service personnel to assist our customers in the Chicago and surrounding areas and is also headquarters for our team of trained sales representatives that are located throughout the United States and Canada.


Refractory Manufacturer

Riverside Refractories is a fast, flexible, innovative provider of refractory products, specializing in custom refractory product development. Whatever your refractory requirements are, Riverside Refractories can offer a solution with no wait, hassles or corporate red tape.

Refractory Materials Supplier

When you need refractory products, you need them now. Riverside Refractories is the partner you can trust for quick service, creative solutions and innovative technology. We're the full-service refractory company that offers high-performing standard products & exclusive customized products to meet any refractory need you have.

Industry Applications for Refractory Products