Ultra-Low Cement Castable Refractories

Allied Mineral Products, formerly Riverside Refractories, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of ultra-low cement castable refractories. Ultra-low cement castable refractories are primarily used in the iron and steel industry due to their high density and abrasion resistance. Applications of ultra low cement castables include trough and runner repairs, blast furnace troughs, slag spouts, torpedo ladles and more. If you have any questions concerning your company’s application, please contact us directly or use the table below.

ultra low cement castables


  • Excellent Physical Properties
  • High Abrasion Resistance
  • Designed for extreme strengths
  • Easy Installation

Ultra Low Cement Castable Products:

Ultra Low Cement Castables






ALAKAST 75-ULC-SiC-MET x       ALAKAST 75-ULC-SiC-MET is castable product with an addition of metals for greater durability and rapid drying.
ALAKAST 85-ULC x       ALAKAST 85-ULC is a high alumina based product designed for various applications where extreme strengths are required.

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