Shotcrete Refractories

Our BLAST KAST™ brand of refractory shotcrete mixes range from 45% alumina to spinel-based.

Shotcrete Refractory Installation

A shotcrete, or a wet mix, refractory is a refractory material that is applied through an air pressure system after it has already been mixed with water. Using a paddle mixer, the shotcrete refractory is mixed with water until the desired consistency is present. The wet mix is then pumped through a double piston pump to the nozzle of the application gun. There it is injected with compressed air and applied the desired location like the inside of a blast furnace for example.

Available Shotcrete Refractory Mixes

Please consult our product table below, for the proper application and method of installation. All BLAST KAST™ product listed below are available as a castable or pumpable products in additional to shotcrete. BLAST KAST™ is a registered trademarked of Allied Mineral Products.

BLAST KAST 45-LC BLAST KAST 45-LC is a shotcretable product designed for a variety of applications.
BLAST KAST 60-LC-M BLAST KAST 60-LC is a shotcretable mullite based product used for a variety of applications where thermal shock maybe a factor.
BLAST KAST 70-LC BLAST KAST 70-LC is a shotcretable product which has been formulated to provide dependable delivery and performance.
BLAST KAST 70-LC-ES BLAST KAST 70-LC-ES is a high strength shotcrete product with high abrasion resistance designed for reheat furnaces.
BLAST KAST 70-LC-SELECT BLAST KAST 70-LC-SELECT is a shotcretable product which can be used as a general maintenance material for various applications. This product exhibits high strengths and spall resistance.
BLAST KAST 85-LC BLAST KAST 85-LC is a shotcretable low cement product suitable for general applications.
BLAST KAST 90-LC-SPINEL BLAST KAST 90-LC-SPINEL is a shotcretable tabular alumina spinel based castable for various applications. This product displays excellent creep resistance.

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