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Industrial Refractory Products & Materials

Allied Mineral Products, formerly Riverside Refractories Inc., is an innovative leader in industrial refractory products and materials including monolithic refractory products, supplying quality products for various industries since 1929.

Monolithic Refractory Material Benefits

  • low cost of raw materials
  • low cost installation
  • rapid installation time
  • easily moldable
  • lack of joints

Allied Mineral Products offers a variety of choices when it comes to castable refractory products, including gunite, pumpable and shotcretable products. These products have proven themselves over many years and a wide variety of service applications. They are designed to provide consistent performance where excellent physical properties and cost effective products are required. We have provided a listing of several industry applications for you to review. Our products are not limited to only these applications. Should you have any questions concerning your company’s application, please contact us directly or fill out our questionnaire.

Anhydrous Taphole Clay Anhydrous Taphole Clay

We provide a comprehensive line of Taphole Clays that span from siliceous plugging pastes to high-alumina clays. Read more »

Pre-Cast Refractory Shapes Pre-Cast Refractory Shapes

Riverside Refractories has pre-cast shape manufacturing capabilities at each of our three facilities. Read more »

Castable Refractories Castable Refractories

From insulating to dense products, Riverside Refractories supplies a full line of castable refractories utilizing various bonding systems. Read more »

Gunning Mixes Gunning Mixes

We carry a full line of ALAGUN gunning mixes which complement our full line of castables. Read more »

Insulating Castables Insulating Castables

We manufacturer & supply a variety of insulating castables including lightweight, high strength and pumpable insulating castables. Read more »

Plastics, Rams & Vibratables Plastics, Rams & Vibratables

Our specialty product line includes trowel able, sprayed, pumped and gunned products. Read more »

Pumpable Castables Pumpable Castables

We manufacturer & supply a variety of pumpable castable refractories. Click to view inventory. Read more »

Refractory Coatings & Mortars Refractory Coatings & Mortars

Our specialty product line includes trowel able, sprayed, pumped and gunned products that can be used in a variety of industries. Read more »

Shotcrete Refractories Shotcrete Refractories

Our BLAST KAST™ brand of shotcrete refractories range from 45% alumina to spinel-based. Read more »

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