Pumpable Castable Refractories

pumpable castable materials

Formerly Riverside Refractory, Inc., Allied Mineral Products' extensive product line includes pumpable and self-flowing castable refractories. Pumpable installation is an affordable alternative to gunning or casting and provide easy access to difficult to reach areas. Self flowing castables are primarily used in the iron, foundry, and steel industries due to their high strength characteristics. Our products can be found in many industrial applications including blast furnaces, car decks, ladle covers, and precast shapes

Please consult our product table for the proper application

Product Number






ALAKAST 55-CF-P x   x x ALAKAST 55-CF-P is a cement free pumpable castable, designed to have excellent strengths at various temperatures and applications.
ALAKAST 50-LC-P x   x   ALAKAST 50-LC-P is a low cement pumpable castable designed to have excellent strengths at various temperatures and applications.
ALAKAST 65-LC-P x   x x ALAKAST 65-LC-P is a high alumina low cement pumpable castable designed for severe service applications. This product is suited for applications requiring high mechanical strength.
ALAKAST 65-LC-P-SELECT x   x x ALAKAST 65-LC-P-SELECT is a low cement pumpable product which can be used in a variety of applications.
ALAKAST 70-LC-P-SELECT x   x x ALAKAST 70-LC-P-SELECT is a low cement pumpable castable which exhibits high strengths and spall resistance for use in various applications.
ALAKAST 85-LC-P-ES x   x x ALAKAST 85-LC-P-ES is a fused alumina, pumpable product designed for high density and low porosity. It is resistant to scale build up and has been formulated to provide dependable delivery and performance.
ALAKAST 45-P     x x ALAKAST 45-P is a blend of alumina-silicates with calcium aluminates, which develops high strength and is a volume stable product.
ALAKAST 40-P-ES x   x x ALAKAST 40-P-ES is a high strength pumpable refractory that has a wide variety of uses. Extremely strong and thermal shock resistant, ALAKAST 40-P-ES is the single product for all non metal contact applications.
ALAKAST 90-LC-P x       ALAKAST 90-LC-P is a tabular alumina based castable for use in severe wear areas.

Lightweight Castables

Service Temperature Farenheit

Density @ 1500° F




CCS @ 1500° F

PLC @ 1500° F

ALALITE 2260 PUMP 2200 61.1 38.07 41.89 1.43 474 -0.38
ALALITE 2460 PUMP 2400 62.2 39.93 40.83 1.40 549 -0.44
ALALITE 2675 PUMP 2600 75.0 57.95 31.44 0.56 547 -0.14
ALALITE 2265 HS-PUMP 2200 65.1 40.33 37.11 1.65 707 -0.41
ALALITE 2460 HS-PUMP 2400 63.1 41.91 36.59 1.64 654 -0.40
ALALITE 2680 HS-PUMP 2600 82.0 58.66 27.21 0.56 1119 -0.32

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