Lee Morris - VP, Clay & Pre-Cast Sales

Lee Morris is responsible for Meltzona Clay sales and Pre-cast Shape production. Lee estimates product and design on pre-cast shapes from infancy to shipment, which includes application, mold design, product selection, production and quality.

Lee graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Business Management in May 1980 and has been with Riverside since. His career started in Indiana, where he spent 4 years calling on the integrated steel industry. In 1984 he moved back to Alabama as the Manager of Alapatch/Meltzona Clay sales. He traveled the country making sales with Riverside’s vast distributor network. In 1992, he began a new responsibility as Construction Manager. He was involved in estimating installation jobs, pricing the products and labour, and delivering quotes to customers. At present, he is concentrating on regenerating the pre-cast sales with a new team, comprised of the best people from the construction division.

He is a 30 year member of both the American Foundry Society and The Association of Iron and Steel Engineers.

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