High Temperature Grouts

Formerly Riverside Refractories, Allied Mineral Products' ALAGROUT series is used to fill spaces and joints between floor tiles and walls. The ALAGROUT series is commonly used in areas with high temperature exposure and for supporting the structural frame. Please consult our product table for the proper application and method of installation.


  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Foundries
  • Kilns
  • Cokers
MortarsAir SetHeat SetPumpableDescription
ALAGROUT 13-DUST x     ALAGROUT 13-DUST is a fine silica dust including fly ash to provide a fine fluid powder for ceiling cracks.
ALAGROUT 15-60-SiC x   x ALAGROUT 15-60-SIC is a silicon carbide, cement bonded grout.
ALAGROUT 30-30-SiC x   x ALAGROUT 30-30-SIC is a silicon carbide, cement bonded grout.
ALAGROUT 45 x   x ALAGROUT 45 is a dry, air setting lightweight grout.
ALAGROUT 50 x   x ALAGROUT 50 is dry, air setting grout. This product is designed to be pumpable.
ALAGROUT 80 x   x ALAGROUT 80 is a high alumina, air setting grout. This has been designed to pump at a low water content and retain excellent strength in service.
ALAGROUT 90 x   x ALAGROUT 90 is a fused alumina pumpable product with tabular and bauxite additions with spinel forming capability.

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