Conventional Castables

Riverside Refractories, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of conventional castables. Our conventional castables are made with approved raw materials and include a high amount of cement. Known for their low maintenance and abrasion resistant qualities, conventional castables are used in a variety of industries including iron and steel plants, petrochemical, mineral processing, and hydrocarbon processing.


conventional castable refractories for high strength applications

For project requiring specific applications, our conventional castables can either be cast, shotcrete, or pumped in place. Conventional castables are designed for a variety of applications including lime kiln rings, iron ores, coke warfs, roll stands, metal shot floors (cast house), and more. If you have any questions concerning your company’s application, please contact us directly or use the table below.


  • Good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Designed for abrasion & corrosion resistance
  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Easy Installation

Conventional Castable Products:

Conventional Cement Castables






ALAKAST 40-P-ES x   x x ALAKAST 40-P-ES is a high strength pumpable refractory that has a wide variety of uses. Extremely strong and thermal shock resistant, ALAKAST 40-P-ES is the single product for all non metal contact applications.
ALAKAST 45-P     x x ALAKAST 45-P is a blend of alumina-silicates with calcium aluminates, which develops high strength and is a volume stable product.
ALAKAST 50-TSR x       ALAKAST 50-TSR has been designed as an all purpose castable which develops high strengths and exhibits good thermal shock resistance.
ALAKAST 95-F x       ALAKAST 95-F is a tabular alumina cement bonded product, designed for casting thin walled shapes.

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