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Riverside Clay Company was founded in 1929 as a clay supplier to Birmingham Steel and Foundry market. Clay was mined locally and shipped directly to the customers. George Morris Sr. purchased the company in 1957 and he and his son John installed processing equipment to crush, dry, and screen the clay for use in a pneumatic gun. The initial clay product was named Alapatch and the material’s first application was the spraying of a Cupola. In 1965 the market for Alapatch expanded as the clay was applied as a sacrificial lining the in Steel Ladles. In 1973 John Morris Sr. became President of Riverside and the company constructed a facility for the production of extruded refractory plastic consisting of clay, coke, and pitch. This product was used in Blast Furnace troughs and runners. A few years later an office was opened in the Chicago area to keep up with growing business in the integrated mills.

Alapatch clay

In 1977 the company added a Research and Development department and in 1978 this group began the development of our Anhydrous Taphole Clay by using the clay as the major aggregate.

In 1983 Riverside introduced a precast shape department. At this time the company changed it’s name from Riverside Clay Company to Riverside Refractories Inc. Over the next 10 years the company expanded its product line by introducing low-cement castables, soaking bar taphole clays, and no cement castable formulas. With the newly developed ability to pump our castables and the creation of our monolithic reheat furnace hearth design, our business continued to expand into the finishing end of the steel making process.

John Morris Jr. became president in 1990 and he and his three brothers continued the focus on the growth of the company with precast hearth blocks and the development of a complete line of shotcete products, our Blast Kast line.

Over the past 20 years the company has expanded its Anhydrous Taphole Clay production capabilities and is considered one of the industry leaders. It has continued to grow in the Integrated Steel Industry while pursuing new business in the mini mill, HPI, and power generation markets. The company has been ISO 9002 certified since 1997.

A continual investment in research and development has helped to create and perfect new products for each industry in which we do business. This, coupled with a top of the line sales force gives us the tools to meet any and all of our customer’s needs.

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